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Default Re: Coupe faces 1962

Originally Posted by parrot View Post
Chris: Yes! Thanks for jogging my memory. Went to my photo collection and found the program write-up on Bob Busheff that I got somewhere. Since Don Palmer took over the Hudson sedan, just supposed after seeing this #12 photo if that was Don's old #78. Bet you'd know. Bob had some good rides including at least a couple of cars built by Tom Barton. In a '56 program I have he's shown in second place in the points race. That car, I believe, was the first '32 Victoria at Lakeside. Driving the #12 was his return in 1962 after a bad accident in 1958. I've heard the story from other sources as well about what really happened. Bob is gone now, but I don't believe that the results of that accident had anything to do with his passing. By the way, I think that John Palmer had another Hudson prior to that sedan. In another photo somewhere there is a rather large appearing 3 window coupe, #68, of unknown make. Just guessing it also was a Hudson.
This was in the 60's that Don Palmer was keeping up his perfect attendance record at Lakeside, the date escapes me, Don was runing the '32 Hudson sedan, and it was running so badly that it took about 40+ seconds to time in, but Don was present and accounted for.

John's other Hudson that I remember was a '32 Hudson 5 window, 78(?).

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