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Great to have you hear John, Facebook has taken most of the traffic from most of the smaller auto racing websites. This site is still a great resource, lost of fun stuff and important history. Me my dad and brother (web master of this site, and its creator!) hardly missed a midget show from 1960 till the mid 80's. We remember the Formula Fords at Englewood, Mitch Miller was trying everything to get crowds back to the midgets, Wednesday was one of his experiments. I got in a argument with a guy on Facebook who used to race Formula Fords at Englewood as well. He claimed the Fords were 1/2 to a full second quicker around Englewood than the midgets. I could not find a lap time or lap record for the Formula Fords, the midget track record for that era was 15:20 set by Ed Jackson in Chuck Mauro's Edmunds VW. Do you have any recorded lap times for the Formula Fords at Englewood? Welcome aboard!
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