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Default Re: 555 Triple Nickle Pikes Peak Speedway.........

Sometime in I think 73 I believe they had opened the new speedway out on 94 that Bonicelli built with the drag strip. It was a 1/4 mile and by then they had switched to all newer bodys like camaro etc. The old PP speedway was still running cars then also with mini stocks and some newer bodies and some old bodies too. I visited both tracks then but I am not sure when PPS finally closed. I was living in South DAk then and then on to CA in 76. But I remember all this stuff well. I will never forget the great PPS years that I got to be there 67-71. I am a great memory buff, and love the pics and stuff on here. Sort of keeps it alive. I am currently living in ID. I will be racing on the 1/4 asphalt Meridian speedway with a Late Model light, (4 cyl). It reminds me a lot of Old PPS even though then it was 1/5. I am winding down my driving career this year, but going out on this track is like a big flash back to the old days. Our 4 cyls are faster than the v8s were then but the feelings are the same.

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