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Default Re: 555 Triple Nickle Pikes Peak Speedway.........

Originally Posted by azray View Post
Thinkin we do have some pics of Martin and Foster, alot of pics are in a huge album somewhere in my Moms house! She is looking for it and I should Have a bunch of cool pics! Also what do you think about doing the Blue Camero? I know its a dark color, but no sponsers.......Let me know
That would be so cool if you could find some photos, of any of those old days. I kick myself for not saving some from old CRM for reference.

I am looking at those photos from 1973, I think I could find "5's" like that and could make as dark as lettering as possible and paint over them if too light.

Do you remember the color scheme of that year, is it the lighter purple car to the left? To be honest the stripes on the blue one kind of scare me a bit (I am a novice LOL).

Hey, anything is possible & I might have an idea on how to approach the striping. Let me know which one you prefer and I'll will let you know if I feel I can do it justice before committing.

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