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Default Re: Legendary drivers, in midgets.

Multiple RMMRA champions battle it out at Lakeside Speedway in the mid 1970's
#95 is Steve Troxell 1966, and 1973 RMMRA champ, #1 is Dave Strickland Sr., 1974,75,76 champ both in Roger Mauro Edmunds VW's. Eddie Jackson won RMMRA titles in 1960,62,63,67,68 and 1970, he is outside Strickland, in his own Edmunds VW. Sammy Sauer is on the outside in Harry Conklins Edmunds VW#99, he was RMMRA champ in 1971 and 72. Jim Beckley is in Don Schwietzers VW #3, he was RMMRA champ in 1991. If you tried to add up these guys feature wins, it would take days, as they all won multiple features, and championships, in other divisions.

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