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Originally Posted by rapid30 View Post
I rememeber Wade's USA-1 car, but Jacks was before my time.
Jack Hahn (Cheyenne, WY) is probably best known for building and driving his sprint cars. But in 1964, Jack teamed up with Bernard Conway (Cheyenne, WY) and together they dethroned ace-driver Kenny Clark #13 (Cheyenne, WY) for a C-Class Track-Championship at Intermountain Speedway.
In the years 1965 through 1971, Kenny Clark #13 ruled the C-Class Track-Championship. Kenny was not dethroned again until 1972 by Billy Noud #98 (Cheyenne, WY). Jack finished 5th in points in 1965; and in 1966, Jack turned his retired #64 over to rookie-driver Bill McHone #42 (Cheyenne, WY), who then gave chase to Kenny Clark #13 for years to come.
As a side note, Bernard Conway was himself a legend, as he teamed up with Johnny Woodhouse (Cheyenne, WY) as the Conway-Woodhouse drag racing team known as The Soda-Pop Gang. Together, and with Jack's counsel, Conway-Woodhouse produced some of the finest NHRA AA-Altered record-holding roadsters every built in the Rocky Mountain area. Conway-Woodhouse also campaigned a wickedly-fast C-Gas '55 Chevy in the late '60s at the CTA Dragway located in Cheyenne, WY.
If anyone has information and/or photos for Jack Hahn and Conway-Woodhouse, please share them with us here at ARM.
This photo of Jack and his #64 comes from the WARC History Book on page #133. ~VB

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