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Originally Posted by superstroke View Post
Danny Schleers Chevy from the late 60's. I think (but not sure) that this picture was taken in front of Sam Sauers house. I think (but not sure) that Sam Sauer drove this car. I think (but not sure) that Bruce Rhoades has more information about this car......HELP!
Thanks superstroke! That's a nice photo of a 'thru' as in 55-thru-57 Chevys. I used to belong to the Classic Chevy Club years ago and the members who owned '56 Chevys always referred to them as a 'thru'. I always thought that hidden gas cap behind the taillight of a 'thru' was so neat and unique. ~VB

Hey Webby. If you're reading this, please change this thread to "Love those '55, '56, and '57 Chevys. Thanks... ~VB
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