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Default Modified #A11

Hello to everyone. My name is Bryon Branstrom and I live between Gladstone and Escanaba in Michigan's beautiful Upper Penninsula.
I was happy to find your active forum as I am trying to relive some great childhood memories with hopes of sharing them with my children who have also grown to love racing.
Back in the mid 60's a gentleman used to travel from Pewaukee to Escanaba every weekend to race his modified here at the Escanaba race track. His name was Don Hayden (not sure of the spelling) and he would race at Hale's Corners on Friday night on his way up here and he would race here on Saturday night.
Actually I should clarify that. He was the car owner and did not drive it himself. I'm not sure who drove it at Hale's Corners but a guy named Bob Derouin drove it here. The car number was A11 and it was a bright orange car with a white top.
Any information you might have or any pictures you could post would be greatly appreciated. His racing years here was while I was 8 years old until I was about 12 or 13. My dad is long gone so a lot of what I remember is through young eyes/mind so I hope I have everything accurate.

Thanks much.
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