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Default Old Race Cars from the 1930's

Here's an interesting sample of some old pics taken in the 1930's. To see the rest of them click on the little race car: Click on each pic to enlarge and for a discription.

René Stapp, racing driver, and his 1932 land speed record car at Daytona Beach, Florida

First rear engine car? Photo taken in Germany 1937.

Also taken in Germany about 1932.
Description: The first big training on the Avus on the biggest international motor race in the
world! The rider von Brauchitsch ratchet his Rennstromlinienwagen pace in the 200 Klm north
curve of the Avus.

Taken 1931
Description: Heavy duty car accident on the racetrack! In the car race in Los Angeles,
the car was a participant in a skid and rolled over. Guides and passengers were
ejected in a high arc and badly injured.

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