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Default Re: Happy 6th Birthday Auto Racing Memories!

Although it looks or seems like I am only loading pictures and information on FaceBook, most of that information and/or photos are already here in the ARM archives. I believe that FaceBook provides those persons who are not good at navigating these type of websites the ability to view pictures and stories that they cannot find on i.e. ARM. I have told many people about ARM, some of which are older ladies and gents, that find the ARM home page, but cannot navigate from there, unless I have them on the phone to help. I too want to thank Eric for providing us with this wonderful site and I hope that ARM continues to stay put for many years to come. I am always on the lookout for photos and stories to share with our racing community. As always, I love to share ARM with you all. Happy 6th ARM....and Eric!!

Rick Losh "Superstroke"
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