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Great to see some Southern Colorado fans on the board . I was a regular , and i mean virtually every race night , at Sportsmans and at Pikes Peak Speedway from 1961 through 1975 when i left the state . Went to Beacon Hill many times as well as all of the Denver tracks a time or two .
One thing missing is photos of those tracks . The Denver tracks have plenty of photos , but not many for the tracks in the Springs and Pueblo . If anyone has any , please post them .
The Pioneers Museum in the Springs has a huge collection of photos from PPS and Sportsmans . They were donated about twenty years ago by the man who printed the programs for many years . He owned H&H Printing .
The old Memories web site had many photos and posts as well , but most never resurfaced on this site for some reason . But posts and photos about Ronnie McDowell , Larry Carnes , Carl Foster , Joe Becker , and many others were there .
I remember a drag strip in a dry creek bed somewhat behind Sportsmans . It was used primarily by a local car club .
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