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Default Re: Info wanted for "Walinder Wayne"

Chris, the visual lines of the car would lead one to believe that this car has at least Kurtis body parts, hood, nose, tail. Hard to tell if it is a Kurtis built car, as Kurtis only built 6 or 8 "Sprint cars", short (88 inch) wheel base cars known as "KK2000". Actually only 3 were built to run on 1/2 mile tracks, and all 3 ended up running at Indianapolis in the 500. Dozens of Kurtis midgets were "Stretched" into sprint cars, and many Kurtis Champ or Indy cars, were shortened to run as sprint cars. I'm digging out books, magazines, checking other websites, and will see what we come up with.

Here is one of the 3 confirmed Kurtis sprint cars, the KK2000 series.
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