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Default Re: Info wanted for "Walinder Wayne"

Last night I had a phone conversation with Mr.Tom Barclay, president of Kansas Antique Racers. He told me some of the history of the "Walinder Wayne".

There seems to be some controversy as to who originally built the car. On one hand Jack Merrick claims the car was built by Frank Kurtis, and it appears at least to have some Kurtis body work. On the other hand, there are those that believe that the car was built by LLoyd Walinder and a Mr. Kyte. The sponsor was Kyte Auto Electric of Oberlin, Kansas. The real builders indentity is probably lost to time. The Walinder was built in 1952 and ran with the old UMCA circuit. In a tragic note about the Walinder, driver Paul James lost his life in a racing crash while running an IMCA race in Topeka, Kansas in the early 1950's. Evidence of fire soot was dicovered inside the tail when it was being disassembled for restoration. Purple paint was found on the inside of some of the body panels suggesting that was the original color. The car was rebuilt after the Topeka crash and eventually was fitted with a smallblock Chevy engine. The hood and side panels were cut up to accomplish the swap.

The original engine was not a GMC as I speculated. It was a Wayne Chevy based on a 216. According to Tom this engine was built by Wayne Hornung himself and is dressed in Wayne equipment from top to bottom. Tom didn't know the displacement, but believed it may 228 as that number is stamped on the head. Tom owns another Wayne himself which also is stamped 228 and is based on a 216.

Roger Burnett did a beautiful job restoring the Walinger. He built replacement side panels and the hood to match the original and had the paint color matched to the purple color that was found on some of the panels.

Previously I mentioned Wayne Hornung. I should have stated that Mr. Hornung had been in a partnership with Harry Warner. After several years the partneship dissolved and they went their seperate ways. Harry Warner continued to manufacture Wayne heads and Wayne Hornung produced his own Hornng heads. About 200 Wayne heads were built. Harry Warner was in the process of developing a DOHC head. I don't know if it ever got past the prototype stage.

I would like to thank Tom Barclay for the information he gave me. Tom is a dedicated vintage racer who owns a 1940 rail frame midget with a Willys 4 cylinder and a super modified fiberglass Deuce 3-window that was 2nd quick at Hutchinson Nationals in 1968 with a trick destroked late Olds engine. Currently he has an old hill climb car that he tells me ran Pikes Peak 3 times with Wayne power, and also one year with a nailhead Buick engine. Tom says the car "Is an ugly SOB" but Roger Burnett is rebuilding it, so it'll be sharp when finished.

One other thing, Roger used to own Harry McCool's old jet coupe. We got to run against it at Ft. Morgan in the '90's. Roger is a heck of a dirt driver.

Chris Ertler - "professor coupe"

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