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Default Shelly Park Speedway Idaho Springs, Co.

Shelly Park Speedway was located at the east end of Idaho Springs. According to the information in a 1962 program "Our track is one-fifth mile long with a 30 ft. bed of mine tailings, similar to clay. It has 348 ft. straights and 181 ft. curve radius, banked 4 ft."

The races were sanctioned by the Idaho Springs Auto Racing Club, Inc. and when I got the chance to attend they were held on Sunday afternoons. It was a lot of fun and had a real informal atmosphere. As I recall there were no grandstands and you watched from your car. The track used what appeared to be shortened telephone poles set in the ground and heavy cable as guard rail and there also was a go-kart track in the middle of the infield that was hard to see from the spectator area.

The program goes on to say "Our cars are stock American autos,1935 to 1948 models. The cars are changed only to be fire proof and completely safe. The motors are just the same as many on the road today. Stock car racing is the safest auto racing known and our record shows it is as exciting as any type."

The racing was fun, the place was dusty, there was plenty of action. The weekly program used a drawing of a race car that was vey similar to one on the cover of an Englewood Speedway program from 1955.

For the record I attended races in 1962 and had a hoot, heck we even had a car roll over right in front of us. Some of the drivers names were, #5 Walt Brewer, #62 Chuck Fisher, #86 Merle Starlin, #25 Marv Murray, #10 Junior Noble, and #7 Warren Oxser. The car that rolled was a '40 Plymouth #4 driven by a young guy named Roy R. When we were taking pictures after the races the guys seemed flattered that anybody would take the time to do that.

The weekly program that they sold was almost entirely hand drawn and lettered. It must have been a real job to set it up this way. It was really home spun. The race track is long gone but I believe the park is still there.

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