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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Not sure where that came from, but no one that I know of is challenging prof. coupe's Lakeside Speedway history knowledge. He's the go-to guy for that era and has certainly helped me figure out a lot of things. I simply wanted to see what the old Onorato garage/Clubhouse looked like today. Since I don't get to Denver or that neighborhood very often, today's e-technology with the little Pegman is a great tool for that.

CARC Club historian CARC 7 also a good source of info as are other contributors to this site. Now if I could only find someone else from my generation to help me remember the fifties a little better! Problem is that most of us from then struggle with computers or don't use them at all. Which is a cue for the rest of us to knock on some doors to get that history while we still can.
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