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Default Re: USA International Speedway--R.I.P.

Went by the place just last week, and yes, sadly, it is a meadow of green weeds, flat as a board.
I saw it as an old 5/8 miler, with a 1/4 miler inside of it, raced on friday nights, with Roby Helm as the announcer.

That got plowed under to make way for the ultra-modern USA International Speedway on top of it. I saw it's very first race, it's last race, and years of shows in between.

Off of the back road now sits, in the meadow of green weeds, are 3 huge piles; one pile of chewed up asphalt, one pile of lime rock, and one pile of dirt-----the racing surface, the sub base, and the banking.

Nothing but a breeze and silence. So sad.

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