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First let me thank you for the reply in such short of a time period. Trust me, many things have changed in this world since I left here 7 years ago. I'm now 67 and was looking forward to sharing my Dad's long racing career with everyone. I have hundreds of original photo's, programs and stat sheets from the 40's to the 70's. He ran Outlaw, IMCA, USAC, Badger, etc.. Running with and beating even some Indy 500 Champions. Oh the stories I can tell. I never have nor want a face book account. Staying on one subject with others, who like and know the sport as much as I do, is what I'm looking for. Too much "DRAMA" for me on face book.
So, I will as long as this site continues, to post the most interesting stories I can and maybe it will drum up some chatter on here again.
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