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Default Rise and fall of the IMCA Midget

My father was a pioneer in this class (1940's-1970's), winning hundreds of events across the U.S., mostly going with the outlaw spirit. Never ran a full season with any sanction.
I wish to start telling "true" stories of parts of his 4 decades of Midget racing.
This thread will be about the rise and fall of the IMCA Midget division, later changed to Compact Sprints (big mistake).
As many understand the 40's and 50's were the glory years for the Midget class. IMCA waited way to long to cash in. It wasn't until 1962 that they included the cars.
Only 9 events were run that first season and they were all on 1/2 mile tracks spread out 100's of miles apart.
52 total drivers ran at least one event in '62 and I think that is why IMCA "had" to run all over the place as there was not enough talent in most regions of the country left. The end result however was only a few drivers were regular followers of the tour.
The point battle was a good one however with K.C. ace Carl Williams trailing Iowa's Dick Ritchie by 25 points going into the final event at Muskogee OK. Carl put on a one man show that day (including the main event win) doing everything he needed to leave with Championship. More to come as I want to keep these short stories.

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