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Default Re: Rise and fall of the IMCA Midget

Very welcome, maybe we can get some folks to come back.
Back to the first year of IMCA Midgets.
Here is the crazy circuit you had to follow.
Fargo N.D.(2 day show).
Austin Minn.
Down to southern Ia. at Oskaloosa.
Back up to Owatonna Minn.
Way down to Sedalia Mo.
Then up to Northern Ia. at Spencer.
Turn around and south again to Hutchinson Kansas.
Then for the final clear down to Muskogee.
Might not look that bad today but back in '62, pretty much all Midget drivers were pulling single axle trailers behind a short bed pickup in my Father's case it was a station wagon.
Not much room to carry any big supply of parts.
Again, these were all big 1/2 mile tracks (25 to 30 lappers plus time trials and heats) that took their toll on mostly home made race cars.
Anyone want to take a guess at what future Indy 500 Vet. stopped in for one of these IMCA shows (Dallas Garman owned Offy) and went home the winner?
He set a track record at the track in doing so.
Trust me, many of you have talked many times of this open wheel legend.
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