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Default Re: Rise and fall of the IMCA Midget

I believe it was the one and only time this driver ever ran an IMCA Midget event.
Arnie Knepper, at age 32 came to the Sedalia 1/2 mile to capture the 30 lap A Main. Out of the $2,400 purse he went home with $415. Again, this was 1962. Fast time for the race was around 25 seconds. That would be an average lap speed of around 70mph. I think Arnie started his Indy 500 career 2 years later.

4 drivers ran all 9 events that first season.
Carl Williams, Eddie McVay and Howard House, all from Mo. as Iowan Dick Ritchie was the 4th.
I think IMCA was looking for exposure this first year for drivers and not as much as a more regional type tour for a fan following. You know the old and true saying, the more drivers the more fans in the stands.
They were looking for an area with the most drivers.
They found it as you will see when IMCA went the regional route for the second season (in their own backyard).
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