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Modifieds The open wheel version of a stock car has a wide range of variations as well as the supermodfied which is a closer relative to the sprint car.

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Default professer coupe

did superstroke letter the 93? that was a fine looking ride! also curious the pic that rapid30 posted[thank you rp30!] shows your car on a trailer. what gives? LOL didn't think you believed in those were you out of chain at the time?
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Default Re: professer coupe

Dave, that car was lettered by Mik Young. These days, Mike has decided to leave the 'E' from his name.....Don't ask me, cus I do not know. Must be one of those 'ARTIST' things....i.e. chopping an ear off, running around with weird hats, wearing a bikini at a race get the picture! OUCH.

Rick Losh "Superstroke"
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lakeside #29
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Default Re: professer coupe

Nope Dave, I had no shortage of chains. I have enough chain to moor the U.S.S. Enterprise to the dock. I've owned trailers over the years but always had a storage problem with them. In our old neighborhood I didn't have enough driveway for everything I had. I couldn't park on the street because we were on a busline and the snowplows would have run over it. Besides in that old 'hood' if it was on the street it was fair game to any of the less than honest guys that had a hitch on their vehicle. Since we didn't need to use the freeway back and forth to the track, the wrecker worked great. Gary Ball built the wrecker unit that slid into the truck. Besides, It was my everyday work truck. It was so beat up I didn't have to worry about anyone taking it. If a wrecker was good enough for Mike Barney and Al Starr it was good enough for me. Sure did loan it out a lot.

Rick, yes Mik or Mike Young lettered #93. He also did the #29 that came out the next year. When I had him do the silver and black numerals they were patterned after the numerals you had on Don Hughes late model. Yep, we did knock off a kids work. What's the old saying,"imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?" Besides if i remember, weren't you on forced foot patrol courtesy of the Colo. DMV? At the time I was working so many hours I didn't hardly have time to work on the car. It would have been hard to have to pick a guy up. Hell, you had all the work you could do anyway.

Seeing the old "RSS" crest is really cool. I've told you that was a status symbol. I was proud to have it on my car. Rick, you always did a hell of a job, thank you for the great work you've done for me over the years.

Chris Ertler - "professor coupe"

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