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Default Most Enjoyable Job You Ever Had

I know we all love working on and driving our cars and some have even been fortunate enough to make a living at that. LUCKY!!!

Have you ever had a JOB that you really looked forward to every day?

I hope every one of you has one like that right now! Kinda makes for a long day when you'd rather be somewhere else.

What is/ was your most enjoyable job?
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Default Re: Most Enjoyable Job You Ever Had

Hey xo,
Mate, I have a job that I still enjoy doing every day, after 46 years at it. Every day I get up and go to my bench and make jewellery. I still find it very rewarding and it's wonderful when one makes a piece for a lady and she weeps with enjoyment. It's an amazing experience. I wonder how many other occupations get that reaction?
AND... since recovering from a bout of Cancer last year......going to work each day now is, let me assure you, very, very rewarding!
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Default Re: Most Enjoyable Job You Ever Had

Very inspirational story Mr. Bob, you are one of the lucky ones.

The personal satisfaction of seeing a customer satisfied, or even amazed with something you have made or done for them is a very special feeling.

If you factor that into the payment for your services it just makes it that much more rewarding.

There are other occupations that yield the same gratification but the thing is a lot of people do not take enough pride in their work to deliver that "awe inspiring" product that generates that customer response.

So glad to hear you beat the cancer. That's a scary thing!

I pray you're here for many more years to come.

THANKS for sharing your story!
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