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Modifieds The open wheel version of a stock car has a wide range of variations as well as the supermodfied which is a closer relative to the sprint car.

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Default what's the difference?

"IF" somebody wanted to build a new car, what is the difference between a hpm car and carc? i dont have a current rule book for either. is it motor, tire or what? i know i heard something that carc wants coupe only ('30's type bodies) is same true for hpm? some of the pinto, vega, gremlin bodies were pretty cool IMO and hard to top the nash and capri that chuck starr had. this might be a forum better suited on the sister sight but i'm old & lazy and none to bright when it comes to spelin thanks fer yur help superdave
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Default Re: what's the difference?

hey dave...can"t speak for HPM rules...but ours..briefly..Bodies..39 or keep them vintage roller lifters... no gear drive cams...aluminum heads allowed on 604 crate motors...56% leftside wieght unless using 604 motor, then 60%....Cars must weigh 2100 pounds with driver after race at inspection, unless 604 motor, then 1900 pounds---tires are regulated by CNS and we can run same tires at I25...hoosiers....we also have wheelbase and other measurements far as bodies... i ran chucks car in the mid 80's and always liked the capri body it had on it at one time...i ran the 33 plymouth body the sammy s ran.......I am sure vern adler can fill us in on the HPM rules....kt
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Default Re: what's the difference?

Well Dave, The HPM rules loosley follow the CARC 'cept no mandatory fire systems thats optional. Motors are run what ya brung and tires are open.

Take care Dave

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Default Re: what's the difference?

Love to have ya join us, no matter which way you go, tons of fun!!!!!! Always available to field what if questions, drop me a note sometime
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Default Re: what's the difference?

Hi Dave for a copy of our rules stop by our headquarters @2331 w. hampden ave. Englelwood #120 ,or call me at 720-329-0161.HPM...vp..Vern Adler....
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Default Re: what's the difference?

Can you post some photos so I know what these cars look like. I'm not familiar with CARC and HPM. Are they modelled on vintage Modifieds, but have sanctioned races?

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