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Race Tracks Everyone has their favorite race track(s) growing up as a kid. In this forum you can discuss your favorite old race track. Make sure to title your new thread with the name of the race track.

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carl s
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Default Denver (Sable) Motor Speedway 1910-11

Coudn't find reference here to this short lived track so here's a link to a discussion if you are interested.

Best Regards
Carl Schulz
Indio, CA
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Mitch G.
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Default Re: Denver (Sable) Motor Speedway 1910-11

That's the first time I ever heard about any of this, very interesting, those guys do some hardcore research.
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Default Re: Denver (Sable) Motor Speedway 1910-11

Datas from my collection:

Sable Motor Speedway, CO
5th September 1910 – 3.33 miles
FP # Driver Car Time
3 hour race - $1000 prize
1 Harry Ball Apperson 166.66 miles
2 Harold Brinker Renault 153.33 miles
3 J.McDonald Thomas 143.33 miles
Fastest Lap: McDonald, 3m07s on lap 7
Located 7 miles east of Denver.

Sable Speedway, CO
30th May 1911 – 3 miles
FP # Driver Car Time
300 miles
1 McMillan National 3:30:30
2 Thorley Ford 3:51:40
3 Oakland 3:52:06
4 Jackson Michigan
R Warren-Detroit 43 laps
R Warren-Detroit 43 laps
R Everett Special 26 laps/broken axle
R Apperson 15 laps/con-rod bearing
20 miles – For non-track cars
1 Ford Overland 0:27:02
2 Davison Overland
3 Fitzpatrick Stearns
Practice for the event was held on the 27th May. Robert W.Bean was driving a Studebaker stock car at around 50 mph when his car suddenly swerved to the right. He attempted to correct the car, but it swung around and shot off course, throwing mechanician Otto E.Manglitz from the car as it turned over, and crushing Bean on landing. Harry Ball was practicing at the same time in an Apperson Jackrabbit, and when he hit the same spot as Bean his car too swerved off the track, but in the opposite direction. His car left the ground, throwing mechanician Lee Bert Roberts and the driver from the car.
The races were run by the Denver Motor Club.
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