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The Drivers In this forum feel free to start threads about your favorite driver from the golden days of racing. Make sure to title your new thread with the drivers name first.

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Post Elmer Sauer

When discussing CARC racers at Lakeside Speedway, not to be forgotten are the contributions made by one Elmer Sauer. The number 28 is often associated with Elmer Sauer, but he was more than just the driver of #28. (And eventually a few other cars as well) Not only did his racing career span a few decades, but he was also thought well enough to have been elected first as Club Vice President, but ultimately then served as Club President for a total of six terms. To cap it all off, Elmer was among the chosen few to have been voted a Life Time Membership in the CARC.
According to a 1955 program story, Elmer began racing at Englewood Speedway with the CARC at the young age of only sixteen. When the CARC switched from Roadsters to stock cars, there were a few others associated with the number 28, but sometime during the early fifties, CARC #28 became his.

After a two year interruption to serve with Uncle Sam during the Korean conflict, Elmer returned and built this car for the 1955 season. This is the photo that was used for an early season Lakeside Speedway feature. The write-up referred to this ’34 Ford being Sandstone Grey and Sunburst Yellow. From the stands, it just appeared to be white with yellow and red numbers. (By the way, younger brother Sam drove a 3 window version of this car, #128, painted the same) Sponsor was listed as Ivy Auto Seat Covers.

An interesting story in the program write-up tells about the challenge of building this car. Seems that it had been completely lined with armor for use by a local mushroom factory, (?) and required cutting out some 2000 pounds of the stuff. Pit crew members Leo Lopez, Jim Clapes, Joe Priola and brother Sam got the car down to around 1900 pounds by the time they were done. Note the flexible tubing used in the exhaust system. How many of used that stuff back then to build our “custom” exhaust system?!

For 1956, Elmer’s #28 was still white, but this time with a good looking gold and red lettering job. Sponsor now is PRO Auto Wax & Glaze. This is an era when all Fords were still powered by the venerable flathead V-8 engine.

1959 again saw Elmer and Sam in team cars, this pair of Model “A” bodied coupes, only this time Sam was in the 28 car, while Elmer was about to start a short run of driving #5. This photo was used for the program write-up. Sam and Elmer shown in the middle of each threesome. Others are not known. Boots Texaco was a frequent sponsor of Lakeside cars.

For the 1962 season, Elmer still in a #5, this time a ’32 Ford coupe, the former #Sweet 16 driven the previous season by Jerry Malloy. It’s shown here, approaching the pit gate to Lakeside Speedway. This car was sold to Dennis “Wimpy” Bateman for the 1963 season.

Back with another ’32 5 window coupe Elmer drove this red #28 during the 1963 season. The Ford straight OHV 6 cyl. Was now the engine of choice. Sponsor was TOPS Coffee Shops over on Federal Blvd. at 37th Ave. I believe there is still an eatery on that same corner today. Note the “Fiberglass” hood. There was a group making these hoods and would occasionally present them as awards to winning cars. It was also rumored that this body was used to pull a mold for fiberglass bodies that began showing up this season.

No photo avail.
A month into 1965, Elmer got the seat first in a car that Sam Petrie put together. The story is that some of the guys were sitting around and decided to build another car. Within a week, it was on the track. Using the #67, this “A” bodied coupe used a somewhat patriotic paint scheme of white with the number on a background of a red white and blue shield. Brother Sam would also occasionally drive this car. For now, I’m unable to come up with a photo of this car. Hopefully someone out there with a photo will share it with this web site.

- Written by Bill Peratt
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