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Default The Real Story about the Bikini

Throughout my life, I have always had a problem with DARES....I DARE YOU...I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU....I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!!!!

It does not matter, and if you add a $50 bar tab to the pot.....WELL NOW, I'LL BE YOUR HUCKLEBERRY!!!

And so it was. You see, Jim Brown, myself and a bunch of racing people, used to hang out at Chappies Lounge back in the 80's. On one particular outing, we noted that Chappies was hosting a bikini contest and that the participants would all receive a $50.00 bar tab. Chappies had always over-served us, and this day/night was no different....we were forced to consume large amounts of alcohol, and the end result was that myself and one of Jim Browns crew members....would dress in bikinis and enter the contest. The night of the contest arrived and me and my bikini clad friend, waited in his van until it was our turn to perform our dance routine....THATS RIGHT....OUR DANCE ROUTINE, something that we must have missed in the fine print. Soooo...on to the stage we went and performed some horrifying attempt at a dancing routine which ultimately ended with our butts to the crowd...and our bikini bottoms dropped....THREE PEOPLE WERE KILLED...TWO SERIOUSLY!!!! JUST JOKIN! We were rewarded a second place and we split a $100.00 bill, plus a $50.00 bar tab for each of us.

Now, this all took place on a Saturday night. The next day was race day and I made the trophy dash. As I was being introduced to the crowd, the announcer says "Hey Rick..I hear that you win other things beside races"....and I think to myself...HERE WE GO!! So the announcer tells the crowd that I won a bikini contest. This opens my DARE GATE!

The following week, I make the tropy dash and drive my race car outside the pits into the parking lot to get dressed in my bikini. When I finally enter the pits, I can hear the Pit Steward shouting "95...if your going out for the trophy dash, you better get it down here...NOW!!!" Perfect, I gottem just where I want em...everybodys already out there, and they are waiting on me....THE DEVIL IN ME CAN HARDLY WAIT! I take my time cruising over to the flagmans stand, shut the car off, and dip my blond flowing locks out the window, only to be greeted by Rick Carelli holding and waving the black flag in front of me.

So, whether you wanted it or not...there is the whole story of the bikini. No, I was not trying to be the trophy girl...NO, Jim Brown was not out there with me....NO, I do not have a fettish for wearing womens clothing....BUT I DO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH DARES!!!

In the first picture, YEA...That would be me just before the black flagging. The second picture shows my bikini clad partner and I at the end of our routine...and finally, from my rookie year 1981, yet another DARE...while being interviewed for the following weeks OFFICIAL PROGRAM "Driver of the Week"...this happened.

As I grow older, I am less likely to take a DARE...BUTT....YOU NEVER KNOW
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Mitch G.
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Default Re: The Real Story about the Bikini

Those images will haunt my mind for years to come.
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Default Re: The Real Story about the Bikini

Oh man.... just when I was eating breakfast.
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Quick Time
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Default Re: The Real Story about the Bikini

Ah geez, now I've got to get that out of my mind. THE PAIN
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Default Re: The Real Story about the Bikini

You guys are just reading about this, I SAW IT live.

"Give pint's for half pints", I do
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Default Re: The Real Story about the Bikini

myself,sadly, also saw it live....for decades I had nightmares....I thought they had stopped---years ago....then I saw this post last nite....THEY'RE BACK....I need help.........

Last edited by thpracing; 12-09-2011 at 03:50 PM. Reason: cant spell because of nightmares
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lakeside #29
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Default Re: The Real Story about the Bikini

Yeah, I saw it too. Oh, the Flashbacks. My eyes, my eyes, stop the burning!

Chris Ertler - "professor coupe"
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