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Default July 1, 1974

I found these clippings in an old album the other day. Ed Mailo was driving my #29 Chevy 3 window coupe at the time. I didn't keep many records when I was racing as it was hard to get a hold of a program. You would have to leave the pits and run to the west gate and find a Powder Puff lady. I was working 6 days a week at the time and anywhere from 3 to 5 nights on mine or somebody else's car. That didn't leave me a lot of free time.

On July 4, 1974 we ran two twin 50 lap main events in the Modifieds and Late Models. I'm a little hazy on the details and maybe Bob Land or Rick Losh might be able to fill in the blanks. As I recall, the CARC board of directors had polled the owners and drivers. They wanted to increase the amount of laps on the Holiday shows. Hundred lap main events were rejected. I honestly don't remember if we ran the twin 50's on Memorial Day or Labor Day. I don't remember who's idea the twin 50's were. I can't speak for anyone else, but my car had an 8 gallon ATL fuel cell. With the big carburator I used, the car was a gas hog. I doubt it could have run 100 laps on one tank. There was a brief intermission between the main events. Everybody pulled in the pits and got a chance to work on their car. The pay was very good for that night. Between the 3 nights shown on these results I made about $900.00. Very good money in 1974. In addition to the main events they had the usual time trials, and ran consolation races for both classes.

The original clippings are yellowed with age and I'm afraid it would destroy them to remove them from the album. What you will see is typed exactly as it appeared in the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post. Punctuation, capitalization and misspelled names are as printed.


The Rocky Mountain News
Monday July 1, 1974
Milo records first victory

Veteran driver Ed Milo Sunday
night celebrated his first main
event victory in more than 20
years of racing at Lakeside

Milo took the 50 lap modified
feature be three car lengths over
Jack Graham after gaining the
lead of the 28th lap.

The main event was named by
two minor accidents, but no one
was seriously injured.

In the late model main event,
Lloyd Land grabbed the lead
on the 26th lap and held on
to win by five car lengths.

MODIFIED - Quick time: Jack Graham 13.02;
slow heat: Pat Petrie, Merle Burrow, Chuck
Rider fast heat: Ed Milo, Blue Plemons, Jack
Graham: losers: Chuck Starr, Butch Snow,
Dan Day; main: Ed Milo, Jack Graham, Blue
Plemons, Tony Spano, Chuck Starr.

LATE MODELS - Quick time: Lloyd Land 13.23;
dash: Don Erickson; slow heat: Reggie Brown,
Ken Tadolini, Rick Carelli; fast heat: Don Carelli,
Butch Speicher, Jim Land; consolation: Gordon
Ming, Gary Simmons, Clarence Krieger; main:
Lloyd Land, Butch Speicher, Russ Cummings,
Larry DeChant, Don Wilson.




The Denver Post
Monday July 1, 1974
Mailo and Land Top
Winners on Lakeside Oval

Ed Mailo and Lloyd Land scored
main-event victories in stock car
racing at Lakeside Speedway
Sunday, Mailo winning the modified
feature and Land winning the late-
model main event.

Mailo scored a clean sweep in
modified racing, winning the
trophy dash, fast heat and main event.

Modified drivers Jack Graham and
Chuck Ryder were hospitalized after
separate accidents in the main event,
but both were listed as satisfactory
with minor injuries.

FAST TIME-Jack Graham 13.02; TROPHY
DASH-Ed Mailo; SLOW HEAT-Pat Petrie,
Merle Burrow, Chuck Ryder; FAST HEAT-
Mailo, Blu Plemoms, Graham; LOSERS
HEAT-Chuck Starr, Butch Snow, Dan Day;
MAIN EVENT-Mailo, Graham, Plemons,
Tony Spano, Starr.

FAST TIME-Lloyd Land 13.23; TROPHY
DASH-Don Erickson; SLOW HEAT- Reggie
Brown, Ken Tadolini, Rick Carelli; FAST
HEAT-Don Carelli, Butch Speicher, Jim Land;
Gary Semmen, Clarence Kreiger; MAIN
EVENT-L. Land, Speicher, Russ Cummings,
Larry DeChant,Don Wilson.




The Rocky Mountain News
Friday July 5, 1974
Wilson, Speicher score at Lakeside

Fritz Wilson and Butch Speicher sped
to victories in the two separate late
model main events at Lakeside Speed-
way Thursday night. Wilson won by a
quarter of a lap, but Speicher had to
fight off a challenge to squeeze out
a two-foot margin.

MODIFIEDS: Quick Time - Jack Graham 13.02.
Dash: Ed Mailo. Consolation - 1 - Bill Starks.
2 - Bill McCasslin. 3 - Terry Daniels. Main No. -1
- Bernie Sawin. 2 - Ed Mailo. 3 - Blue Plemons.
Main No. 2 - 1 - Jack Graham. 2 - Ed Mailo.
3 - Bernie Sawin.

LATE MODELS: Quick Time - Pete Stringer. 13.24.
Dash - 1 - Don Wilson. Consolation - 1 - Steve Smith.
2 - Dennis Guthrie. 3 - Dale Fleming. Main No. 1 -
1 - Fritz Wilson. 2 - Lloyd Land. 3 - Butch Speicher.
Main No. 2 - 1 - Butch Speicher. 2 - Rick Corelli.
3 - Don Corelli.




The Rocky Mountain News
Monday, July 8, 1974
Land noses out foe at Lakeside

Ed Mailo took the lead midway
through Sunday night's modified
main event and held out to record
his second victory of the season
at Lakeside Speedway. But Lloyd
Land ran a quite a different late
model race, nipping Russ
Cummings at the line in a photo
finish for his third win.

Although Land several times
challenged Cummings in the course
of the 50 - lap event, he never
succeeded in actually taking the
lead. The margin of victory was
approximately the length of his
front bumper.

MODIFIEDS-Quick Time: Bernie Sawin 13.01;
dash: Blu Plemmons: slow heat: Larry Davis,
Chuck Starr, Les Rohrig; fast heat: Blu Plemmond,
Bernie Sawin, Jack Graham; looser's: Pat Petrie,
Merle Burrow, Dan Day; main: Ed Mailo, Jack
Graham, Bernie Sawin, Blu Plemmons, Dan Day.

LATE MODELS- Quick time: Lloyd Land 13.26;
dash: Russ Cummings; slow heat: Jim Land,
Rick Carelli, Ken Tadolini; fast heat: Russ Cummings,
Joe James Jr., Butch Wallace; loser's: Fritz Wilson,
Larry Dechant, Clarence Krieger; main: Lloyd
Land, Russ Cummings, Butch Wallace, Fritz
Wilson, Jim Land.



The Denver Post
Monday, July 8, 1974
Ed Mailo Wins Lakeside Race

Bernie Sawin drove the fastest
qualifying lap of the season in
modified stock car racing Sunday
at Lakeside Speedway, but Ed Mailo
and Jack Graham came on to defeat
Sawin in the main event. Mailo won
the feature race, with Graham second
and Sawin third. Sawin's quick lap
was 13.01 seconds.

Lloyd Land had the top qualifying
time in late-model stock car competition
and went on to take the main event.

Fast time- Bernie Sawin 13.01; trophy dash -
Blu Plemons; slow heat - Larry Davis, Chuck
Starr, Les Rohrig; fast heat - Plemons, Sawin,
Jack Graham; losers' heat - Pat Pertie, Merle
Burrow, Dan Day; main event - Ed Mailo,
Graham, Sawin, Plemons, Day.

Fast time - Lloyd Land 13.26; trophy dash -
Russ Cummings; slow heat - Jim Land, Rick
Carelli, Ken Tadolini; fast heat - Cummings,
Joe James Jr., Butch Wallace; losers' heat -
Fritz Wilson, Larry DeChant, Clarence Krieger;
main event - L. Land, Cummings, Wallace,
F. Wilson, J. Land

Chris Ertler - "professor coupe"

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