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Modifieds The open wheel version of a stock car has a wide range of variations as well as the supermodfied which is a closer relative to the sprint car.

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Default Re: Larry DeChants #100 Modified

I can tell you why the rollbar was built so well. Back in about 1957 Larry and at that time his partner Frank Parker ran a gas station on 72nd and highway 85 in Adam City (Commerce City now) when they built a 31/32 chevy coupe to go racing. They built it as cheap as they could and cut corners where they could. Larry got the bright idea to use steel tube bed head boards for rollbars. It worked fine until he rolled it one Sunday night. They were first class from then on. No more cheap rollbars.
His next car was a 33/34 three window coupe. He then built a 31/32 5 window coupe and talked his brother in law into driving the old 33 coupe. At the start of the season Larry was doing Ok in the A class but not great. Ken on the other hand was just learning how to drive these things. The darndest thing happened one night. Ken timed that old car fast enough to set on the pole in the troph dash (inverted field) Fastest in back. He was not up to driving with these guys so Ken and Larry switched shirts, helmits and cars. Larry won the trophy dash and drove straight into the pits. No stopping for trophy, pictures,or kiss. Everyone could tell it was Larry driving and if I remember right it didn't work. The next week Larry was back in the 33 and Ken had the new 31. They stayed that way the rest of that year. That was the beginning of Larry running with the big boys. The next year Larry built a 34 2 dr. sedan. That was the year before Englewood was paved. I remember that because I had to help him and my dad groove his Lakeside tires to go to Englewood. Ken was the husband of Larry's wife's sister. The sponser on the back of the 31 5 window coupe (Mountain States Builders) was my fathers business. Tom was Larry's first paying sponser who owned the Rexall Drug Store. He was Oriental and that is where the oriental looking #100 came from. Larry's wife (Sis) always mixed the paint white with a little blue mixed in to make Larrys car the whitest car under the lights at Lakeside. Beleave me when I tell you that it worked. The announcer would comment on it from time to time. Just a few good old memories.
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Default Re: Larry DeChants #100 Modified

Tailpipe47 thanks for that early history chronology on Larry Dechant's #100. Great stuff! Always enjoy reading/learning about car history of Lakeside Speedway. Also enjoyed your explanation of the white mixed with a touch of light blue to make the white whiter. As a pinstriper I can appreciate that, similar to using a touch of light purple in red making the red redder. Tricks of the trade.
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