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Modifieds The open wheel version of a stock car has a wide range of variations as well as the supermodfied which is a closer relative to the sprint car.

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Jerry Lee
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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Originally Posted by lakeside #29 View Post
The old clubhouse was on 44th and Umatilla, one block west of Tejon. The street address was 2101 W. 44th Ave.
Oh man, here's a story for you......In early December 1980, my band was booked for a show at the CARC Clubhouse. I remember all those fantastic photos mounted on the wall, and telling some of the band members about the history of it all. A biker gang had rented the place for a big party. We played maybe two long sets before another rival biker gang showed up. A HUGE brawl started and they started throwing chairs and tables around. My band had to literally grab our gear and run out the side door (a big garage door if I remember right), and these guys really trashed the place! The cops finally came and broke up the melee, and none of the band members had the grapes to go back in and ask the bikers for our pay. What a night.

(Photo by Lynne Cotie) Here's a pic of my band (me on drums) at the CARC Clubhouse
in Dec. 1980 just before biker gangs totally trashed the place.

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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Good story Jerry Lee. I remember going down to the clubhouse in the late 60's with Bob and Jim Brown for a meeting. They showed a movie of Richard Petty winning Daytona. I can remember Don Pachello reading the minutes from the previous meeting while chewing and puffing on a cigar. There were some really cool pictures that hung on the walls. A couple blocks west from the clubhouse was Pat VanDykes A-1 Truck and Auto Service. He owned and built the #9 Golden Chariot and the #50 Nifty Fifty. Just south of the clubhouse, in the alley was the paper station where us paper boys would go to fold our papers and load them into our paper bags before delivery.

Rick Losh "Superstroke"

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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Chris you are correct on the CARC clubhouse location. Checked it on the "Street View" from Mapquest and there it was. I was off a block. Haven't been by there in a long while and forgot some of the details. Also checked out the old V & C Garage. Changed a lot, but guess that's still it. I remember driving through those old neighborhoods west of Lakeside after the races on our way out of town and would see lots of stock cars in that area.
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lakeside #29
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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Thanks Bill. I know I was correct, I attended many meetings in that old building from the '70's on. As a matter of fact when I was a teenager and too young to drive we would take the Tramway bus downtown that went right past the building. I used to drive by it on the way to work for ten years before I retired. I also was part of the board as newly elected president when the club cleaned out the building after it was sold in 1994 to a gutter company. I enjoyed travelling the neighborhood east of Federal on the way to work.

Chris Ertler - "professor coupe"
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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

You know Chris its like being back in school having someone double check your work. We all know there is only one Professor Coupe

Remember, It's not bragging when you can back it up.
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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Not sure where that came from, but no one that I know of is challenging prof. coupe's Lakeside Speedway history knowledge. He's the go-to guy for that era and has certainly helped me figure out a lot of things. I simply wanted to see what the old Onorato garage/Clubhouse looked like today. Since I don't get to Denver or that neighborhood very often, today's e-technology with the little Pegman is a great tool for that.

CARC Club historian CARC 7 also a good source of info as are other contributors to this site. Now if I could only find someone else from my generation to help me remember the fifties a little better! Problem is that most of us from then struggle with computers or don't use them at all. Which is a cue for the rest of us to knock on some doors to get that history while we still can.
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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Thanks for uploading these photos. They really are collector's items, as are all the cars. Great era wish I'd been there!

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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Car 28, Driver is Ron Dike. pit crew was left to right Melvin? Ron Dike, John Dike and Jim Angell. diversification breakthrough that hole on top.
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