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The Drivers In this forum feel free to start threads about your favorite driver from the golden days of racing. Make sure to title your new thread with the drivers name first.

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Post Don Burn

Written by Don Burn and Rick Wasilko

This is how I got my start in Midget Auto Racing. On Miles Spickler's NU-ENAMEL sponsored Midget 'pit crew' of 1947. That's me all the way to the right in this colorized photo by DUCHESS STUDIO. Don Burn. These wheels aren't chrome. 'Those are Don Burn polish jobs' and I did six of 'em'. They are polished magnesium. Yep, that's how I got my start on Mile's pit crew...polishing mag wheels. ~ Don Burn

Here you can only see the left front wheel of the #3 car, but Earl Kouba in 6 is turned around 'going the wrong way' and Burton Spickler is turned over on his right side. In this 1947 crash at Lakeside Speedway, Burton Spickler suffered a skull fracture and from this point forward, Roy Bowe was hired to drive the #3 car.

This is the beginning of 'The Wreck'. Earl Kouba had just bought a brand new Offy, and the radius rods were made out of 'other than the correct material', and so when he stood on it, they pulled him under and everybody stacked up behind him. Bowe ran up over the wheels and into Burton. One of these cars was 'our' #3 car and Bowe was right behind him. This is the accident, that Track Owner at the time, Ben Krasner , decided to change the 'shape of Lakeside Speedway, and move the un-protected 'pits' from the East side of the track (or Saucer Bowl) to the South side. Where it existed to the track's closing in 1988. ~ Don Burn

As an 'aside'...There is so much here to notice in this pic. Take a look at the 'catch fence' on the front chute, it doesn't go to the top of the grandstand cover and look how 'low' the track surface is. There are only 2 guard rails. And notice the 'Guards' in the white and what appears to be Ironed Uniforms of the day! GEEZ! Great stuff! ~ Rick.

Though I'm standing in the background of this picture by the flags, scratching my head, thinkin' I gotta figure a way to get me one of these machines to race...Roy Bowe has just captured another win.

Notice the 'patch' on the engine side cover where the 'bulge' used to be when we were running the Drake engine in this car. The Drake would never run. It didn't last very long. Then it went to the Offy. 'We' bought the Offy from Buzz Bussard. This is after Burton Spickler got hurt in the Offy and Miles took over driving until his wife, Maxine made it clear she didn't like him driving, so he hired Roy Bowe.

Paddy McInary was a KLZ News person at the time. He was also the announcer at Lakeside back in these days, and he would always announce Bowe's last name as BBBBOHHHH! ~ Don Burn

My RMMRA Membership card of 1948. ~ Don Burn

Notice the signature's of the RMMRA President and Secretary. Interesting. ~ Rick.

I never raced at Ft. Collins, but I posed for a picture by my future ride in the pits

My RMMRA Membership card from 1949.

From late 1948 or early 1949 I pose for the camera in the pits at Lakeside Speedway in the Doc Roberts owned number 21 RMMRA midget.

Wayne Hoffman in 60 drives by underneath as me (21) and Don Malone (32) get together in the south turn at Lakeside in 1949. Notice the scoring tower at Lakeside in this pic. It's funny, I don't remember anyone ever using that thing, but I see people in it!

By 1950 I was in the seat of this Vern Erb owned car. This is at Englewood when it was dirt. Notice the 'R' on the front nerf bar. That stood for 'Rickenbaugh Midget'

In 1950 I became a member of the MHARA. The Mile-Hi Auto Racing Association.

My 1951 RMMRA Membership card.

My AAA Contest Board Racing Driver's License card from 1952 and my 1954 CARC Membership card.

My CARC Membership Card of 1954.

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