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The Drivers In this forum feel free to start threads about your favorite driver from the golden days of racing. Make sure to title your new thread with the drivers name first.

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Default Re: Dan Day - In Your Mirror

Whoa, Rick! Love all these old photos. Feel like a kid in a candy store. You wondered about I.D. for some of them. I remember some, have programs to help for the others, so here goes:

First Posting: Dan's #18, '37 Ford at Englewood. Think the RMSCRA let guys drive before they were 21. Not sure if it was at age 16 or 18. Guessing that's why Dan started there, then moved to Lakeside. Have to ask him when I see him next.

2nd Posting: #88 photo listed as 1955, but think it's more likely 1957. Frank Crater was still using that number through '56. Appears to be same setting as photo in the fourth posting.

Didn't know Dan Day was involved with the midgets. Can't get enough of those early midgets either.

4th posting: 1958, #51, Bob Foulk. Previously (1957) sometimes driven by Major Cooksey. Paint scheme is twin to brother Toby Cooksey's #50, but Bob Foulk used that number for most of those years. Two different #73 cars . Owner of both, Roy Edwards went through a few cars that season including a #37 and the next one.

5th posting: #128, also a Roy Edwards car, or at least sponsored by him. Doesn't say, but another photo lists Sam Sauer as driver. Blank in my program, but that was the number (on another car) that Sam first used in 1955, so could have been.

#25, 1958 was first of two years for this car, driven by veteran Bill Jones for owners Chuck and Bill Sorensen. In 1960, Ronnie Lee had that number.

The #9 "Carl's Pizzaria" car, shown with Dan Day, not in my program. Dan began season in Tommy Pryor's #3 for the '59 season. Drivers, owners, cars and sponsors all seemed to jump around sometimes depending what they could get running in time for Sunday night's program.

6th posting: The ZIP Food Stores #57 Vic owned by Larry Balderston, driven by Dan Day.

All the rest of the photos appear to be marked pretty well. Professor Coupe may have better info on those than I do.
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Default Re: Dan Day - In Your Mirror

Boy, am I not paying attention or what! Just noticed a whole 'nother page on this post of Dan Day's cars. This is not only the 'post of the year', but may be the most complete record of any owner/driver's cars at Lakeside Speedway.

Wish I could remember Dan's telling of how they used an automatic tranny in the Pinto modified. An interesting story.

Did notice one more thing, in that first awards photo, "unknown" is Bob Fuschino.
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Default Re: Dan Day - In Your Mirror

I wish I could take credit for this post, but all I did was load the pictures. Rick had everything in place, but never posted all of it. Some of it was posted on the old CRM.

I am happy that all of you enjoy what Rick accomplished as much as me. I could not wait to see what would be posted on the CRM site every Sunday morning. Rick used to call me up when he had found a shot of a car that I had not seen since I lettered it, or a car that I just remembered racing and had not seen in years. You could hear the excitement in his voice and could not wait to post it. Since his passing, I have posted a lot of stuff and I now know what he felt. And when you guys look at stuff and go....WOW...I REMEMBER THAT!!!! IT IS EXACTLY THE FEELING THAT I GET WHEN YOU POST STUFF....IT'S JUST A REALLY KOOL THING. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Rick Losh "Superstroke"
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Default Re: Dan Day - In Your Mirror

Although Wasilko has left us his legacy will live on in his pictures and stories. Thanks to Dave Burn for saving some of his stuff and for letting Rick & I the chance to share.
Bruce "rapid30" Rhoades

"Give pint's for half pints", I do
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Default Re: Dan Day - In Your Mirror

In celebration of ARM's (5th?) birthday this month, I'm bumping up a few great old threads that have gotten buried over the years. Happy Birthday ARM!

Dan Day, what can you say?
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