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The Drivers In this forum feel free to start threads about your favorite driver from the golden days of racing. Make sure to title your new thread with the drivers name first.

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Jerry Lee
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Default BOBBY JACKSON - Retrospective

Not very often does someone come along who can win in anything they race, anytime, anyplace. Bobby Jackson was such a driver who thrilled race fans from the early ‘60’s through the very end of the ‘70’s.

Remembered for his lone 1971 E.R.A. Figure 8 championship with Darrell Smith, that feat doesn’t come close to summing up Bobby’s career. Bobby Jackson won in everything he crawled into. He shares the record with local legend Larry Dechant as the only men who have ever won a Modified, Late Model, and Figure 8 main event at Englewood Speedway.

Here’s just a small taste of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures from Darrell Smith’s collection. Unsurprisingly, a good portion of the photos were of Bobby Jackson holding a trophy for the win. Notice a lot of the cars Bobby drove never had much time to spend in the lettering dept. because of Bobby’s “all out” style of racing. Darrell Smith could build them as fast as Jackson could roll them.

(Darrell Smith collection) Amid wrecked Figure Eighters and the old concrete flag barrier,
Bobby Jackson collects the hardware for this 1967 main event win at Englewood.

(Darrell Smith collection) This car looks pretty straight for 1968.

(Darrell Smith collection) One of the most spectacular flips ever witnessed at Englewood ripped
this car to shreds in 1969. Bobby’s got the win and the hot trophy girl tonight though.

(Darrell Smith collection) Another new car and another win in ’69.

(Darrell Smith collection) Bobby’s career was still on fire in the early ‘70’s with a Figure 8
championship and two trips to the World Figure 8 Championships in New York. He was eliminated
just 20 feet from victory in ’70, and in ’71 was hit and flipped wildly in a film clip that made the intro.
to ABC’s Wide World of Sports for awhile.

(Darrell Smith collection) Bobby collects his ’71 E.R.A. championship trophy from flagman
Don Styes, who appears to be the MC as well.

“Bobby was a good dedicated racer, good driver, good family man, and a good friend. We not only raced together, we played together. We were the best of friends and I still miss him today. He was always a crowd favorite, everybody liked him.” ---Darrell Smith

Mr. Jackson passed away in 1989.

For more on Bobby Jackson’s career click Darrell Smith Interview and Bobbyjr.'s Photo Album.

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Default Re: BOBBY JACKSON - Retrospective

I sure do wish he could have given you a true interview. Words can not describe what this man meant to me and my family. He was a great person and truly one of the best racers to get into a racecar in Colroado.

He gave all that up to start his own business and as much as I tried to get him to go back to racing, he always told me, "I have to make a choice to have this business work or race." As we know he chose the business. I still remember going to CNS and alot of drivers trying to get him back into a car. I remember when they paved it Darrell even trying one more time.

Not sure where I heard it, but there was a story about someone even trying to get him a ride for Daytona one year. I'll have to ask my mom about that one.

I wouldn't be the man I am today if it wasn't for all of the encouragement he gave me, and the things he taught me. Once again, Thank you DAD !

Bobby Jackson, Jr
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Default Re: BOBBY JACKSON - Retrospective

Those are some cool pics Bobby jr,your pops was awesome racer,one of my all time favorites---gone way to soon....big al figure 8 # 23
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Jerry Lee
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Default Re: BOBBY JACKSON - Retrospective

(Darrell Smith collection) Bobby Jackson picks up another win in this orange ’57 Ford in 1968.
Note the chrome trim still on the car.

(Darrell Smith collection) Looks like Bobby is on his way over in this car from 1967.

(Darrell Smith collection) Bobby Jackson adds to his collection in 1967.

(Darrell Smith collection) Bobby Jackson was always a sure bet to win just about everywhere
he ran. Here, Jackson took this Late Model win at Lakeside Speedway in 1972.

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Jerry Lee
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Default Re: BOBBY JACKSON - Retrospective

With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, I just wanted to bump up this old thread about one of my all-time favorite local drivers.
I ran across a few more photos of Bobby Jackson, a guy that was a whole lot of fun to watch run the oval or the 8.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Bobby Jackson with the "Boss Moss" Late Model from 1975.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Bobby started out his 1971 championship season in this cool
orange Figure Eighter.

(Darrell Smith collection) Another win and another Figure Eighter from 1971. "Jet-X" Jackson
became a nickname for Bobby when the popular power washer became his sponsor.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Bobby took a pounding (or gave one) after this 1970 hit at the
Englewood X.

(J.L. McGuire collection) One of the many spectacular flips Bobby Jackson took in his
career while wheeling a Figure 8. This one is from 1967.

(Photo by Candy Codner) As far as I know, Bobby never drove Jim Coffey's #6 Figure 8
in 1975. Looks more like he might have just posed for this picture for fun. Anyone know??
Check out the position of the steering wheel in this Eighter. The seat looks to be sitting
in the middle of the car.

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