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Stock Cars Stock cars have come a long way since the days of the old jalopy but many race fans will tell you the vintage stock cars put on some of the best fender banging action of all-time.

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Default CNS Bomber/Hobby Stock Invitational.

Any one else here at ARM remember the CNS Bomber/Hobby Stock/Street Stock Invitational that were run toward the closing years of CNS when it was dirt.

It was billed as a Saturday night for the hard chargers of the basic stock car classes of the Bombers, Hobby Stockers, Street Stockers, it would be their night, a Saturday night for them, no other classes would be running.

Now here is where it's gets a little foggy, well it's foggy everyday who am I kidding...

I think it was the last CNS Bomber, etc., Invitational, that there were at least 140 entries, they dispensed with the time trials and the trophy dash, the heats were lined up according to arrival at the pit gate. Then they proceeded with 10 14 car heat races, and through the advancement system would have two semi mains, and advance a couple of cars from each of those to the main event, I think it was a 24 car 50 lap main event, I can still hear the announcer... "Here come the bombers!!!"...the fellow who eventually won the 50 lap main was in a yellow GM car and he had spun out three times, what a hard charger he was and still won the main ... And it all changed CNS was paved, no more invitationals.

If you all remember those 4-5 invitationals, or remember it differently from above, please post it.

"Stay tuned for the greatest spectacle in racing" ~ Sid Collins

LAKESIDE - Late at night by the old Lakeside Speedway, you can hear the ghosts - The barking, crackling "Flathead Fords", the zinging "Chevy Stove Bolt's", The rumbling of the "KK-Offy's", and the snarling "Ford V8-60's". Listen and faintly hear the announcer say, "Ladies and gentlemen, the line up for the trophy dash," and the place would erupt with the mix echoes of cheers and boo's...Remember...

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Default Re: CNS Bomber/Hobby Stock Invitational.

the yellow camaro that won the race was owned by mike raiche,and drivin by rod glenn,i was on the crew.
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