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Default Former BCS Head Flagman

Hello everyone. My name is Dennis Ritts, and many of you know me as the longtime head flagman of BCS, as well as many of the other official's positions. For those who don't, here's a brief history.

I grew up at Intermountain Speedway (BCS) when my father started racing there around 1960. John (Jack or JD) Ritts raced in the coupes until around 1975 or so. Always a Dodge or Plymouth body and power. And always the number 10.

I started helping out in the pits around 1976 and started my racing around 1977 or 1978. Ran a couple of Ford's in the Hobby Stocks until I got a Dodge Coronet. Ran it for a few years, the moved up to a Dodge Challenger. Cars were many different colors but always number 10.

In 1984, late in the season, I blew the engine and couldn't afford to put it back together. The owner of the track then, Ernie Henning asked if I would be the assistant flagman for the remander of the season. The next year I was the head flagman. Did that for the next six years.

1990 came and the owner shut down the track. The WARC stepped in and got the track up and running. I was asked by the club to help out. Flag, manage, race direct, announce and many other things including selling hotdogs. In 1991 I moved from the flagstand to the announcers booth. Did that until the end of the season in 1993

Got the bug to drive again in 1994 and raced in the newly formed pure stock division. Had a big crash late in the season and I was done racing. Ended up flagging again. 1995 I helped my brother race and flagged a few times when the track need me. The next three years I worked in the pit office, the flagstand and the announcers booth.

The track was purchased by Randy Milan in 1999 and I was the head flagman for him until 2001. The next few years I spent as his track manager. In 2007 I returned to the flagstand for the last time at BCS. I was not asked back in 2008.

New opportunities came in 2008 as the owners of I-25 Speedway asked me to help them with flagging and announcing. At this time I am currently the head flagman for I-25 Speedway. I've also flagged at Hwy 92 Raceway Park in Gering, at PPIR and for the quarter midget club at IMI.

OK, I rambled a bit long. I have many fond memories from my many years at BCS. Thanks for having this website. It's fun to look back.
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Default Re: Former BCS Head Flagman

Welcome Dennis, I look forward to many of your stories as from your many different view points I know you have lots to share.
Bruce "rapid30"
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Default Re: Former BCS Head Flagman

Welcome Dennis! Thanks for signing up and we can't wait to see what you have to share.
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Default Re: Former BCS Head Flagman

My favorite memory of when Dennis was up in the flagstand was while running a Mini Main one Saturday night, not all that long after I started running at BCS and really got a feel for the track. The two cars that I was running behind tangled up with each other going into Turn 4; the right rear tire came off of one of the cars (he'd had an issue with it for a couple of races) and it started to bounce. I watched this happen from the time I entered Turn 3 until they both stuffed the wall and the tire came off. I saw the bounce and realized that it would bounce again; if it bounced high enough, I could sneak right under it; if not, then I could tap the brake and swerve to the right. The tire bounced just right (well, I thought so), and I was able to sneak right under it. I had the Cheshire Cat grin on my face as I went by the flagstand, where Dennis was waving the Yellow Flag and shaking his head at me...
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