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Drag Racing Some of the most spectacular vintage race cars are off the quarter mile. Drag Racing from the 1950's, 60's and 70's produced some auto racing's most memorable cars and drivers.

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Default Ruben "Swede" Ehrlich & Kenny Lawerance

These circa 1959 photos were originally posted to the long-gone Colorado Racing Memories site. Then, they were posted again to the old ARM site. Now, I'm re-posting them once again to the new ARM site in support of a thread submitted by superstroke:
"I would like to introduce you to Dick Surratt. Although Richard is his real name, he is known to others who know him, affectionately as "Mushrat". Not "Muskrat", but a combination of "Mushmouth" and "Muskrat". Should you ever meet him, this will all make sense."

Swede Ehrlich (LaSalle, CO) and Kenny Lawerance (Denver, CO) teamed up in the late 1950s to become the first A/Dragster Team to break 150 MPH in the 1/4-mile. In this photo taken at the Cheyenne Timing Association (CTA) Dragway in 1959, Swede is in the middle with the hat, Kenny has his helmet on, and one of the other three has to be Richard "Dick" Surratt, a.k.a. the Mushrat. ~VB

Again the photo below was taken at the Cheyenne Timing Association (CTA) Dragway in 1959 and it shows the #123 A/Dragster injected Small Block Chevy from the spectator-side looking toward the pit-side staging area. ~VB

Again the photo below was taken at the Cheyenne Timing Association (CTA) Dragway in 1959 and you are looking "down-the-barrel" into Kenny's hidden eyes and a pick-up cab full of Swede and his crew members. ~VB

Just another windy day in Cheyenne, huh Swede? Swede is probably letting Kenny know that he might have to lean into her a little to the right to compensate for that Cheyenne Breeze! ~VB

This photo has always intrigued me because Kenny is going north, not south. Was he returning down track from a run, as that was a no-no since the return-lane was a separate gravel road on the spectator-side. Or was he just returning from a very long burn-out? ~VB

In this photo, Lou Wendzel (NHRA Charter Member / NHRA Regional Adviser for Wyoming) is most likely asking his oldest-daughter T.L. Wendzel to quit hiding behind the trophy! Kenny seems pretty patient and relaxed with the whole thing. Notice also the cool Bardahl Oil trash-cans that Lou made for the CTA Dragway & for Intermountain Speedway. ~VB

In this photo, T.L. Wendzel (far left) decides not to hide from the camera! That is the nose of Vernon "The Honey Dipper" Camp's street-driven A/G Supercharged SBC Ford Coupe. ~VB

Okay! Here's a photo of Kenny going heads-up against Vernon "The Honey Dipper" Camp's street-driven A/G Supercharged SBC Ford Coupe. The guy in the derby-hat is Rodney Harkus, CTA Safety Tech and all around good guy! ~VB

Here's the proof race fans! This article was clipped from the Wyoming Eagle-Tribune newspaper in 1959. ~VB

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Default Re: Ruben "Swede" Ehrlich & Kenny Lawerance

Wow! What a great article thank you. I really love those old front engine dragsters.
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