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The Mighty Midgets Often referred to as the purest form of racing these "mighty midgets" are a racing history teasure.

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Default Re: Hardwood Door Corp midget

Originally Posted by Mitch G. View Post
After seeing the ugly, (I know they are safer, and faster, so what?) midgets that are being raced today, I thought it was time to see what a race car is supposed to look like. This Kurtis Kraft midget was built in 1947, purchased originally by Carl Anderson, painted maroon with gold leaf numbers, it raced around the mid-west. In 1955 the car was sold to Ashley Wright, he painted it black with gold leaf trim, and put Shorty Templeman in the drivers seat, and they went on a tear. They won the 1956 USAC national midget title, the team went on winning dozens of races with numerous racing legends behind the wheel. Don Branson, Frank Burany, Chuck Rodee, Len Sutton, and Lloyd Ruby drove for Wright. George Bignotti bought the car in 1958 and painted it in red, white and black "Bowes Seal Fast" colors. Sim Clark bought the car on the west coast, put a Ford v8-60 in it, and then a Chevy II. Ollie Johnson bought it, painted it red, white and blue with the #96, it then was owned by Norm Britton and painted dayglo red with #18, and an Offy back under the hood. Bill Vukovich II, George Snider, and others drove the midget for Britton. Norm Britton parked the car in 1966, sixteen years later, Bill Montgomery (author of the two books, "Kurtis-Kraft Midgets A geneaology of speed" and it's folow up, where I got this info and some of the photo's) He restored it partially, and sold it to Bob Neilson, who finished the wonderful restoration to the cars configuration in 1956.

The awesome Ashely Wright, "Hardwood Door Corp" Kurtis Offy in all it's restored glory.
Denver's Aaron Woodard in the Carl Anderson Offy in 1947, car numbered 37
Shorty Templeman in 1956 on the top photo, below is Shiner Watkin driving for Ollie Johnson with Bowes Colors on the car.
Bottom, is Gary Johnson in the Norm Britton Offy.
Check out the amazing tow rig for the "Hardwood Door Corp" midget team in 1957. And Shorty racing Denver's Joe Giba in the former Kenz and Leslie Kurtis #62 on the Milwaukee Mile in 1956 or 57.
I guarantee you won't see a modern day midget restored in the future, as they have no history, and seldom raced more than one season, and they are too ugly to bother restoring, simply no craftsmanship or style in the modern day cars.
The only problem with the restoration is the color of the wheels - Ashley painted the wheels yellow.
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Default Re: Hardwood Door Corp midget

John Mahoney, racing photographer has a beautiful shot of Jud Larson in this car at Terre Haute. One beautiful race car.
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